Pixie to long hair extensions

Hey there, fabulous folks! If you’ve ever rocked a pixie haircut, you know it’s a style that takes guts and flair. But let’s face it, not all faces were born to rock the pixie. So, what’s a gal to do if she’s taken the pixie plunge and is now having second thoughts? Fear not, because today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of using hair extensions to bring your pixie hair dreams to life. But hold onto your hairpins, because this journey isn’t without its twists and turns!

Can You Really Use Hair Extensions for Your Pixie Hair?

Short hair, don’t care – that’s the spirit! But what if you do care a little? Turns out, you can actually use hair extensions to transform your pixie into something longer and lovelier. We often hear about using extensions for medium-length hair, but guess what? Pixie hair isn’t left out of the extension party.

Pixie bob cut with long tail

Welcome to our article about the Pixie Bob cut with a long tail, which is considered the perfect feline companion by cut lovers around the world. If you are looking to adopt a cut with unique characteristics and a loving nature, then the Pixie Bob might be the perfect choice for you.

The Pixie Bob cut is known for its distinctive spotted coat, which resembles that of the wild bobcuts found in the American Northwest. They have a long tail, which is a defining feature of this breed. These cuts have a friendly and sweet nature, making them great companions for families and individuals alike.

How do you keep thick hair healthy?

It is great to have full hair, it isn’t so good when that full hair ends up being a handful to preserve. The problem with thick hair is that there is so much of it that you do not even know what to do. If you simply can’t appear to control your hair, kept reading listed below for our best techniques on how to keep thick hair healthy.

  • Cut down on washes

It’s not a trick that healthy hair is more workable than hair that’s harmed. How can you accomplish healthy hair in the first place? For beginners, avoid some hair shampoos. The scalp’s natural oils offer wetness and shine, and cleaning your hair every day can remove you of those and leave your hair dry.

Attempt leaving a minimum of one day in between washes, which will make dealing with your hair a lot easier. Click here to try out various hairstyles for thick hair.

  • Keep it hydrated

To keep your hair hydrated for simple management, go with a sulfate-free cleaning conditioner. This formula will make your hair more flexible, which will assist avoid damage and supreme keep your hair more polished.

  • Beware when it is wet.

After you clean your hair, it remains in the weakest state because it is wet. Extreme towel drying and brushing can be harmful. Rather, pat your hair utilizing a towel to take in wetness and ravel any tangles utilizing a wide-toothed comb.

  • Stay up to date with trims.

Split ends are infamous for making what is expected to be complete, thick hair appear lifeless. To manage thick hair stringy ends, make certain you get a great trim every 6-8 weeks.

  • Get some layers

If your thick hairs are weighing you down, attempt integrating some layers into your hair, as they will include both lightness and motion to your style.

  • Produce weightless texture

Since your hair is already thick, the last thing you want is to additional weigh it down, which including texture can frequently do. To include texture ditch the mousses and gels and attempt a spray gel which will include some zest in a lighter way. Moreover, this way you can take care of long thick hair.

  • Intertwine it

If your hair simply isn’t acting, toss it in a braid! Braids look incredible on thick hair, so for the days when your hair is really providing you problem, make this style your go-to.

Forget lightweight accessories. Sure, adorable little bows and pretty clips are charming, however if you have thick hair, they really will not do a thing for you.

Sharp Layer for Long Pixie

If you like rock music and glamorous movies, this dramatic hairstyle can be an option you need to finalize your total look. Well, the act of cutting off your long strands for a short crop can transform you to a whole new gorgeous female. Maybe, for some of you this scenario may seem to be a strange thought, but with different types of bobs so popular nowadays, striving for a pixie cut is the normal step. Besides, when you see the result, you’ll wonder and ask only one thing: why you didn’t do it earlier?

The main question to answer about this hairstyle?

1. Features;

Beautiful Braids and Braided Hairstyles for for Round Faces

Today there is a great variety of just amazing braids for long hair that will suit any image and style.

Braids on long hair have been considered as one of the most feminine hairstyles centuries ago. It is impossible to establish exactly when they were weaving for the first time, but it is known that girls and women all over the world used this method to curb rebellious curls in antiquity. Hairstyle enjoyed success with the ancient Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, and was also part of the Slavic culture. 

Asymmetrical Bob for Short Hair

Maybe you are a young lady who strives for some glam and wants to look fabulous every day, opt for such a great option as an asymmetrical bob. Well, the world fashion industry has praised this fabulous hairstyle long ago. It seems like it designed specifically for short hair.There are a number of varieties of this boyish haircut which will refresh females of all ages. But there are several distinctive features. One of the major are: on one side, the strands are cut out shorter, while the minimum length can reach only a few centimeters. There may be locks with different lengths, which are layered on each other. Also asymmetry may have an offset along the parting line. The side parting in such a messy styling emphasizes the originality. If this art look is created on curly hair, a light graduation is performed to make the hairstyle neat and well-groomed. Due to such manipulations, it will be possible to hide the flaws and correct the shape of the face. Well, this very choice gives volume and texture to a head of hair and transfers attention to face, eyes and lips.

Be Glamorous

Really a hot version. You can’t even imagine how stylish and sexy this short cut looks. It’s asymmetrical strands that makes the entire look irresistible. The hair colors maybe either the lightest shade of the brown or platina blond. The girl feels herself easygoing and always ready for a cool makeup. F. e. red lipstick and black mascara. There are some inevitable accessories like nose ring while her pierced lips are really in trend. You can choose the color of your outfit to makeup in order to create great total look.

Twenty-Two Ways to Wear Your Mid-Length Hair

Medium length hair has become a stylist favorite due to its offer of variety. The shoulder-grazing cut offers you many amazing styling options that you can explore daily as you seek your best and signature look. Here are some of the fabulous ways you can wear your mid-length hair:

Super Straight

If you like neat and simple styles, this is perfect. It leaves your hair straight and pushed to the back giving you a sleek, smooth and shiny look.

5 Best Asymmetrical Haircuts for Medium Hair

The best hairstyle for you is the option which envisages an easy grooming. Because in the modern hectic world all ladies with medium length are very busy. Love it or leave it but your image does matter. So don’t hesitate to apply for professional help. 

Why Asymmetrical?

Famous stylists and hairdressers, who set rules for the main trends in female and male hairstyles, have been praising this option for years. The latest catwalk shows with models and Hollywood divas which pop up in front their fans with hairstyles far from the classic canons of model haircutting. Because they like messy look.