Twenty-Two Ways to Wear Your Mid-Length Hair

Medium length hair has become a stylist favorite due to its offer of variety. The shoulder-grazing cut offers you many amazing styling options that you can explore daily as you seek your best and signature look. Here are some of the fabulous ways you can wear your mid-length hair:

Super Straight

If you like neat and simple styles, this is perfect. It leaves your hair straight and pushed to the back giving you a sleek, smooth and shiny look.

Messy Half-Up Knot

The hair at your crown is pulled up into a knot while the rest of it falls freely. It is perfect if you are looking for a simple yet unique casual look. It will take a little time and result in a wow look.

Soft Messy Waves

This is perfect for hair that is naturally wavy. A simple off-center part or a soft side part followed by free cascading waves on your sides will give you a good appearance. It is well complemented with layers and highlights.

Messy Knotted Bun with Braided Band

The messy bun is at the nape of the neck and holds it in place with bobby pins. Braid your hair from the side’s right above the ear on both sides and hold with bobby pins where they meet for a neat look. You may choose to allow a few strands from the top to flow on the sides of your chicks for a nice face-framing effect.

Half-Up Bun with Waves

This bun is also commonly known by stylists as the hun. It has the front and top part of your hair in a low crown bun while the other half from behind the ear down freely cascading to your back. It is perfect if you like to keep your hair from your face and loose waves will give it an awesome finish.

Blunt Lob

A blunt long bob is a perfect way to wear your mid-length hair. A middle parting and a bit of highlight will add glamor to your already cool look.

Side Swept Curls

Medium locks do very well with large piles of medium springy curls. Pull hair to the middle and sweep all the curls to one side for a sweet sexy look. It is a great corporate party look or if you want that extra sassy look for your date night or evening out with the girls.

You can find many more exciting ways to wear your mid-length hair by using any available link more so from peers and stylist. You can find great hairstyles on the site suggested by your stylist or shared by celebrities. Other great hairstyles for mid-length hair include:

  • A low back knot;
  • Loose Blonde waves;
  • Retro bouffant;
  • Bouncy curls;
  • Messy braided low bun;
  • A twisted low knot;
  • Pinned back glamour;
  • Headband braid;
  • Messy Top Knot;
  • Braided crown updo;
  • Side parted bouffant updo;
  • Easy beachy waves;
  • Side braided curly Lob;
  • Bun Mohawk;
  • Roll and twist updo.

All these styles are amazing and will give your mid-length hair a fabulous look. When choosing, be sure to consider your eye color and skin tone for the best results.