5 Best Asymmetrical Haircuts for Medium Hair

The best hairstyle for you is the option which envisages an easy grooming. Because in the modern hectic world all ladies with medium length are very busy. Love it or leave it but your image does matter. So don’t hesitate to apply for professional help. 

Why Asymmetrical?

Famous stylists and hairdressers, who set rules for the main trends in female and male hairstyles, have been praising this option for years. The latest catwalk shows with models and Hollywood divas which pop up in front their fans with hairstyles far from the classic canons of model haircutting. Because they like messy look. 

What are Top 5 Ones?

  1. Pixie.
  2. Bob.
  3. Blunt bob.
  4. Classic option with a ragged fringe.
  5. Sharp uneven cut on medium wavy strands. 

The Major Questions to Decide:

• Selection of the most suitable option. 

• Dyeing and hair care.

• Styling methods.

Professional Tips

Read basic info and advises from experts of beauty industry: 

  • For the majority of fashionistas, such a choice seems to be the most profitable and convenient way to style their hair. Such hairstyles are suitable for almost everyone. They are universal and unique; they favourably emphasize the daredevil soul of its owner. 
  • Uneven and oblique cuts can be performed on different hair lengths and on different model hairstyles, including hair of mid length.
  • In order to choose the ideal variant, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of the face ptoportion. First of all, you should focus on the shape of the face: you should choose proper length and haircut for an oval, create a volume on the crown for a circle and a square, avoid too short fringe. Be careful with side parting.
  • It is necessary to take into consideration the structure of the hair: for curly medium strands the messy style will be the most ideal solution. For fine hair it is better to choose medium uneven shearing along the entire length.

If you don’t like our list with 5 hairstyles, consider a solution with shaved temple. It’s suitable for those who want to make their image slightly extravagant. Variants of shaving are the following: one side, two temples or a fully shaved nape. The bang is made uneven, elongated and oblique. Besides, you can optionally make a parting. If both temples and the back of the head are shaved, then comb your hair back. At the same time the crown is lifted from the roots to form the desired oval of the face. This look is very often praised by young girls and teenagers.