Sharp Layer for Long Pixie

If you like rock music and glamorous movies, this dramatic hairstyle can be an option you need to finalize your total look. Well, the act of cutting off your long strands for a short crop can transform you to a whole new gorgeous female. Maybe, for some of you this scenario may seem to be a strange thought, but with different types of bobs so popular nowadays, striving for a pixie cut is the normal step. Besides, when you see the result, you’ll wonder and ask only one thing: why you didn’t do it earlier?

The main question to answer about this hairstyle?

1. Features;

2. Benefits and disadvantages;

3. Types;

4. How to perform correctly?

5. How to lay?

Here some info about long pixie with a sharp layer:

Hope you will find this information highly useful. Hope it will help you for major renovations: 

  • This amazing haircut and its top position in the fashion world is all due to mysterious image and simplicity of styling. In this case, visible facial features, an elongated oval, and a clearly marked cheekbone line are harmoniously complemented.
  • Fashion trends tend to change. That’s why this ultra-short version of pixie, which has long held leadership among female hairdressers around the world, today looks a bit retrospective. 
  • It’s ideal for any age. Care about grooming? It is enough to maintain a given shape with the help of regular trips to the hairdresser. The change in appearance in the case of an elongated pixie-cut helps to use different styling options.
  • Particularly impressive are the asymmetrical design options with shuttles, equally well suited for creating evening and everyday stylish female look.

Performing and laying:

Created for those who want to be in trend, a long pixie haircut allows you to try on fabulous images from a wild forest for every woman who is not ready for too radical changes. The features of this solution include the following.

• Open neck and ear line. It gives the appearance of a helpless female, add youth and carelessness.

• Different lengths of strands. An option with thinning envisages the textured, layered hairstyle. It is perfect for creating volume on thin hair.

• Elongated hair at the crown and in front of the head. The neck also opens, but not completely.

• Parting is often asymmetrical, exaggeratedly curvaceous, with pronounced strands of strands or precise geometry. It is here that stylists leave the most room for self-expression.

Another important feature of fashionable elongated haircut can be called their versatility. With the right approach, absolutely any detail of facial contours can be effectively framed with a suitable styling approach. The easy creative mess that characterizes the everyday version of pixie is appreciated by busy actresses, female directors, and representatives of other creative professions.